Monday, December 12, 2011

Teachers' Gifts

This year we had a lot of teacher's gifts to buy. Between Addison and Ansley, the lead teachers in their classrooms, the high school co-op student teachers, and then the 1-year-old classroom that Ansley has been transitioning into, we 8 special ladies to do something for.

I got this idea on Pinterest and Addison helped me make them.
A couple more up close:
We got clear frames from the Dollar Store and used coordinating scrapbook paper and ribbon that I had on hand for the backing and embellishments. Then I stuck a post-it note pad on there to finish it off. I am going to make one for my desk at school also!

Then we put them and some other goodies into these bags. Addison decorated the tags (also found from Pinterest.)

We are playing Santa's elves tomorrow at school. Hope they like them!

Here's the best shot we could get of my little family of 4 after my early birthday dinner with my extended family last night at the yummy Olive Garden.

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Kelley Brown said...

Ummm, so cute!!!! Wish I'd seen this before I bought ornaments! ;)

By the way, Addison looks so old in this picture!!

Miss you sweet friend.