Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Trimming our trees

We broke all the rules and put up our tree early. Who am I kidding, we've done that several times in recent years. We travel the weekend after Thanksgiving, so that is out. I am a teacher so I usually have the week (or some years, part of the week) off. Time off=time to decorate. Bottom line for my justification is this: I like to enjoy my tree, and I have a fake one, so why not enjoy it as long as possible.

This year we got the girls little trees for their rooms. Addison decorated hers with all of the ornaments on the top branch. I think she was trying to make it tip like Charlie Brown's. :)
While we were getting all of our dishes out and setting up our dining room and kitchen, the girls enjoyed their favorite pastime:
The next day we got our big tree out, and Addison exclaimed, "It's the biggest tree in the WORLD!!!" She looked through sentimental ornaments and found her favorite. Dora is Ansley's favorite this year too. She sings: "Da-Da-Da-Da Dahwa"
It's the most wonderful time of the year!

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