Thursday, December 22, 2011

2nd time Santa=Success!

Saturday morning we had breakfast with my dad's family: Grandmama and Granddaddy Dean, Aunt Gail and Roger, Grant, Suzanne, Murphy, and Mann...and Addison and me. At about 1:30 a.m. the night before, Ans woke us up with a frightened cry, and we went upstairs to find our poor pitiful sweetie a victim of the stomach bug. It has been a rough one that she is still recovering from... So Addison and I went to this gathering as a duo. Here is Addison peering out of a rocket ship that the big kids colored and adventured in.
Addison was making an ice cream cone Christmas tree. I was trying to "help" but should have known she wouldn't want any. :)
I think she licked more icing than what made it on her tree:
The best we could do of these 5 cousins who are always busy movers:
We missed Ansley a bunch!

And then... we went to see 2 of Santa's reindeer! We heard from the North Pole that Santa was going to be bringing some of his reindeer to Brentwood, and wanting to avoid the germs at home as long as possible, Addison and I decided to go see them. We talked Savannah into joining us too...

Addison and Savannah named these two Cupid and Donner, but they were really Dancer and Clarice. I couldn't believe it, but these two girls even pet the reindeer.
While we were standing in line, sweet Savannah said to me, "Kiki, I need to tell you two things. We have to make sure that Addison gets to tell Santa what she wants for Christmas this time, ok. And then I want us to eat at Subway Eat Fresh together." I love the way she looks out for her cuz. Here is a picture of them together on Santa's lap.
I had one happy little girl that night. As she was drifting off to sleep that night, she said, "Momma, Santa Claus is just sooooo nice. I think I'll be a good girl tomorrow too, okay?"

Thanks for the pictures, Linds. :)

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