Thursday, December 22, 2011

Gingerbread Lane has a new resident.

Meet "House of Bubba," according to Addison. She also said that Dora and Captain live there sometimes...

Daddy was the builder/engineer:
I was the icing decorator, and Addison was the boss. She bossed us up and down and all around, and she was the Candy Queen. She decided where every type of candy and every little piece would go and occasionally consulted me... Just occasionally though... :)
Don't I just look awful here? Almost like the mean Elphaba Wicked Witch... I must have been concentrated or frustrated and definitely unaware of Patrick snapping a picture. BTW, Thanks, Patrick... Gotta keep it real, though, I guess, and I like this one of Addy-Belle. She looks so proud. Ansley-bug was our mascot of the event, and she was usually in the lap of whoever had the camera.

This is our first masterpiece.
The green tree was Addison's craft mentioned in the previous post. It was the perfect addition to our little abode.

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